Build in Visibility

For several reasons:

  • Keep business folks/investors in the loop
  • Help customer support/success interact better with customers
  • Trust that the system is working as expected(we’re talking about emailing thousands of people about billing issues — you want to know that’s working as expected)

Then, you’ll need visibility into the following:

  1. Who is currently past due? (what’s your current opportunity for recovery?)
  2. Where is each person in your “funnel?” (i.e. emailed 3/5 times, next email on Friday)
  3. (important) How does our recovery break down over time? When a funnel ends in a “win,” what was the cause? Did they update their card? Was that before or after you emailed them? Was it reattempted successfully? When did it happen during the funnel timeline? Should you add another email to the end of the process?
  4. Are emails getting delivered?
  5. Are emails getting opened?
  6. Are people converting after clicking the link in your emails?

Having answers to these questions is critical. Otherwise you’re flying blind hoping for the best.

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